Quick Start Guide

Please take a few minutes to read this Quick Start Guide to familiarize yourself with the BDeshTV portal.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Broadband Internet Connections
  • Adobe Flash version 9.0 or above
Browser: Chrome, Safari are recommended for best viewing experience.

Picture below described in details with A-S arrow next to it in next page.

A: Mode selection: Select TV or On Demand (Video on Demand) VOD mode, TV Mode shows 24 hours schedule channels,

B: Mode selection, On Demand (Video on Demand) Mode or TV mode, On Demand will give you choice between Popular,
Recent or Browse options.

  1. Popular: Will show top 10 most viewed show ( Popular shows and counts)
  2. Recent: Recently uploaded shows and their counts
  3. Browse: You can select by category, or show all Broadband Internet Connections
Browse: Category: You can browse by type

C: Search options: You can search by name, artist, city, and program

D: About Us: To find out more about people behind the BDeshTV

E: Channels: You can click any of the channels and that channel will be played on your computer.

  1. BDeshTV is the main schedule program
  2. NRB is Non-Resident Bangladeshi program around the world
  3. Drama is selection drama
  4. Music is the channel for Bangla, Hindi & English music videos
  5. Sports is the channel for sports game like Cricket, Soccer game
  6. Movie is a dedicated movie channel for Bangla, Hindi
  7. Cooking is the channel dedicated for cocking show
  8. Religious is the channel for religious discussion
  9. CannelX is a future channel for local program
F: TV Guide: You can click this to see schedule for any of the pull down listed channels, you can view the today’s schedule
by time (start time), title (name of the program) and type (Film, Music etc.)

G: Current Time: Display time

H: Current Program: This is the current program that is being played on TV

I: Scroll bar: You can move up and down with this bar to view current, future & past schedule

J: Show/Hide Panel: Click once to hide the browser panel on the right and click again to unhide it

K: Toggle Full Screen: Click this once to switch to full screen and click again to switch back small screen

L: Display Settings: Click once to change the display setting, select one of the three buttons to set your setting, Small,
Medium or Large

M: Speaker: Click once to mute it, or click and hold to lower or increase the volume from the player, you can control the
volume with our computer setting too

N: Settings: Quality of the video can be set between High and Low (for slow internet speed).

N: Show Time Progress: You can see total duration and progress time.

O: REW/FF: You can click this to fast forward or back ward

P: Play/Pause: Click once to pause it and click again to play the current video

Q: Information: Click it to see what is being played

R: Sponsors: This is our Sponsor for this program

S: Current channel: This will display current channel (On Demand will show additional icon to switch to schedule TV channel.

For technical support email support@bdeshtv.com

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