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BDeshTV, LLC is an Austin, Texas (USA)-based new-age media company with focus on contents and media technology platform development. BDeshTV started its journey in 2010. It has developed an online video infrastructure, OVI+ (TM, patent pending), and a first ever Non-Resident Bangladeshi (NRB)-centric online TV, (powered by OVI+), to offer 24-hour free online Bangla TV channels and on-demand videos.

Demonstrating the capabilities of OVI+, BDeshTV showcases a set of Bangla TV channels for the Bangla speaking audience around the world. BDeshTV’s contents include drama, movie, music, sports, talk shows, discussions, educational programs, news etc. Programs produced/edited/packaged by NRBs, which could be based on lifestyle, travel, educational, cultural etc, are specially featured in multiple channels. A large collection of previously-viewed programs from different TV channels and production houses of Bangladesh/India are offered to complement NRB programs. In addition to streaming good quality contents with broadcast right from our own Content Delivery Network (CDN) server, extensive data-mining concepts are being employed to present quality contents from third party video servers like YouTube, Vimeo (in progress) etc. to offer unparallel viewing experience to our users.

With the integration of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, BDeshTV is also social network capable.

BDeshTV can be viewed from anywhere in the world using broadband internet connection.

Watch NTV News coverage on BDeshTV - Dec 14th, 2010 :

WorldWide NRB TV!
...More than a TV
...More than a video database!